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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2005|10:23 pm]

alright, since no one has responded, everyone is being removed from the community roster. if within thirty days no one rejoins and posts in the community, it will cease to exist.
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new moderator [Dec. 16th, 2005|11:51 am]

hi, everyone. many of you may already know me as the moderator of sindarin and maintainer of high_elven and quenyalessons. for those of you who do not, i'm experienced in the study of Tolkienian linguistics and very active in the online Elvish community, both in LJ and other fora. everything is basically the same as when the former maintainer ran the community, but i have added a note about nonactive and discourteous members being removed. if you want to be a member of this community, please post and comment. i understand people who are busy with real life, but even i am able to set aside some time every week for Tolkien, and i've got a lot on my plate. if no one participates, there is no point in having a community. if you want to remain a member try to post within the next month.
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Mae govannen [Dec. 5th, 2005|08:01 pm]

Greetings, I joined this community last night and thought I'd post an intro/ask what's probably an annoying question. I'm attempting to teach myself Sindarin, and I know the pronunciation and a few basic phrases but I'm finding it hard without proper syntax. So, if anyone could point me in the right direction for a guide to Sindarin syntax I would be most grateful.
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(no subject) [Oct. 17th, 2005|06:27 pm]

I know this isnly exactly Elvish, but perhaps i can find aid here

i'm trying to think of some names for a sword of mine, and I'm thinking that something from the Black Speech would be fitting. I have been able to use some Black Speech sources to come up with some possiblities, but i'm stuck with one detail for some:

i need the modifier for a verb to make it a noun (example: destroy --> destroyer)

The whole four i want to translate are:
Corpse Maker (loik _____)
Destroyer of Dreams (____-ob _____)
King Slayer (Shakh [lit. Lord] ______)
Devourer of worlds (_____-ob bot)

Does anyone one here know how to help me out with this? or can they point me someplace else, at least?

I have been using the Black Speech wordlist and the Land of Shadows Black Speech Dictionary so far, so i know about them already.

thanks for any help you can give me!
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2005|01:16 am]

hello there,
im sure you get several of these questions, but here goes...
my little sister and i were wanting to get tattoos in that say sisterhood, or sister using tengwar in either english, or peferably the word sister or sister hood in quenya. would anyone here be able to show me what those words would look like?
i appreciate it greatly:) thank you:)
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HELLOOOOOO! [Aug. 4th, 2005|05:28 am]

Is anyone here?
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Movie Title Screens [Jun. 25th, 2005|05:56 pm]
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Has anyone bothered to transcribe the LotR DVD movie title screens?
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.::Mae Govannen Mellyn::. [Jun. 16th, 2005|03:42 pm]
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Meneg Suliad!

I was pleasantly surprised when I found a community dedicated to Elven linguistics! My name is Aestas and though I'm not that experienced with Sindarin or Quenya, I can write in the mode of Beleriand and the Tehta mode. If you have any questions I might be of some help. Need to find movie translations? I have lots of those. Need to find detailed information on a specific character? I have a great book to help you out!

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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2005|10:52 pm]

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Hi everyone.

I've only just realised that there is a community dedicated to Elvish so had to join straight away because the subject just fascinates me :)

I have to say though that is unbelievably difficult to comprehend, just when you think you get it right you have other symbols thrown in because they sound different or whatever.. im still confused over that one myself!

Anyway, 2 things I just wanted to ask:

I understand that the Tengwar numeral for 5 is known as lempe - right? I know what the symbol looks like, I'm just a bit stuck at spelling the word 5, so any help would be much appreciated..

Also I found an incredibly good site translating names into Elvish - here and was wondering what the more common translation of my name would be - my name being 'Hannah', would I use Almare or Eruanne? and how would that be spelt?

Any help would be appreciated!

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need help [Feb. 21st, 2005|05:40 pm]
I need to know what the word for unicorn is in elvish.
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