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new moderator [Dec. 16th, 2005|11:51 am]


hi, everyone. many of you may already know me as the moderator of sindarin and maintainer of high_elven and quenyalessons. for those of you who do not, i'm experienced in the study of Tolkienian linguistics and very active in the online Elvish community, both in LJ and other fora. everything is basically the same as when the former maintainer ran the community, but i have added a note about nonactive and discourteous members being removed. if you want to be a member of this community, please post and comment. i understand people who are busy with real life, but even i am able to set aside some time every week for Tolkien, and i've got a lot on my plate. if no one participates, there is no point in having a community. if you want to remain a member try to post within the next month.